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The discriminatory treatment undergone by the blacks under the criminal laws of United States - Research Paper Example

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The researcher of this paper attempts to emphasize upon the discriminatory treatment undergone by the blacks under the criminal laws of United States. Racial discrimination in criminal laws in USA is one of the most important social issues of modern times…
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The discriminatory treatment undergone by the blacks under the criminal laws of United States
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Extract of sample "The discriminatory treatment undergone by the blacks under the criminal laws of United States"

Download file to see previous pages From this research it is clear that controversial issues related to identity do not always result in wars and other violent forms in the context of handling the particular social issue. The most important impact of social issues falls on people’s lives and also their relations and interactions with others. Social issues can influence various economic and cultural aspects related to lives of people and generate discrimination which challenges the idea of equality in more than one respect. Thus it is related to identity. Social issues are those issues which create significant impacts on human lives and also affect their lifestyles and processes of interactions and building up social, economic, and cultural relations with others. Social issues often increase the intensity of people to create controversy related to any social issue and hence to create greater societal and cultural problem in the society where these people live in. There are various social issues which are creating significant impacts on human lives in modern times, such as suicide, public nudity, gun rights, drug laws, gay marriage, capital punishment etc. These social issues are the most current issues in every life of developed countries which are affecting people’s lives to great extent. The current social issue related to the fact that there is growing discrimination against the black communities living in the country in terms of application of criminal laws on people belonging to black communities....
In the country people belonging to black communities, such as African and African-American communities are facing discriminations from government officials and various legal systems of the country. In order to address social problems in an effective proper understanding of the causes of various behavioral patterns of human beings are very much important. This is because these causes are responsible for creation of greater social problems. Again these different human behaviors depend on various circumstances which people face in their everyday lifestyles (Kizza, 92). These circumstances create human motivations in regard to deal with those particular circumstances. The most important principle of social theory is that the all (mainly different types of) human behavior is finally motivated by the necessity to maintain the identity of the person under consideration. In this context human behaviors can be defined as the process of continuous effort which is related to the maintainace or enhancement of that particular identity (Bracher, 23-24). In simple terms identity can be defined as the sense of the person regarding who is he or she. In technical sense identity can be defined as “a sense of psychosocial well-being” (Bracher, 24). In this context the notion of social identity is related to the fact that it relates the sense of personal identity of a person with various social conditions and circumstances. Creation of this social identity is very much important in modern times, and also very much visible in American societies (Bracher, 24-25). This necessity to establish a sense of identity is the main concern to a person and this necessity drives the person to become motivated to behave in according manners. In the context of this paper is motivation and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I didn’t know how to start my essay. "The discriminatory treatment undergone by the blacks under the criminal laws of United States" helped me out a lot! Especially the list of structure was valuable.

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