State Of Blacks During Jim Crow Era - Essay Example

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Current essay aims to highlight the state of Blacks during Jim Crow era.The evolution of racial domination of Whites against Blacks in the history of America has spanned more than a few hundred years. Discrimination reflected through racial hatred has changed to the finer gradations of exploitation and harassment…
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State Of Blacks During Jim Crow Era
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Download file to see previous pages The term “Jim Crow” in the history of America is often related with the rigid segregation or exclusion of Blacks. The word ‘Jim Crow’ actually referred to black character in an old song. The period 1881 to 1964 marked the era of Jim Crow in the American history. Jim Crow era reflects Jim Crow laws separating black from white races in America. Since its inception, the term Jim Crow witnessed extensive usage as an orientation to practices, laws or institution that ascend from physical separation of black people from white people. The major purpose of Jim Crow laws was to separate black from white races as a measure to promote equal treatment (Tischauser 1-3).
Jim Crow laws incorporated numerous practices of segregation. Jim Crow laws were primarily aimed at promoting equal treatment to Black African American people but the laws were criticized on several grounds. As a consequence of Jim Crow laws, Blacks were subjected to segregation in courtrooms and cemeteries, on trains and in sanatoriums among others. They were barred from public and private institutions such as restaurants, parks, libraries, public pools and hotels. Jim Crow segregation affected almost all aspects of Blacks. For instance, many courtrooms during Jim Crow era followed specific Jim Crow bibles for Black people and varied significantly from one used for white people. During Jim Crow era, Blacks were confronted with humiliation and dehumanizing practices. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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