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African Americans as the Vulnerable Population - Term Paper Example

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Racial segregation within the US, as a general terminology, incorporated the hypersegregation or racial segregation of opportunities (e.g. transportation, employment, education, medical care and housing), services and facilities along racial lines…
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African Americans as the Vulnerable Population
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Extract of sample "African Americans as the Vulnerable Population"

Download file to see previous pages Within the United States, racial segregation often implied the physical separation together with provision of separate services or facilities (mostly during the era of Jim Crow), although it could also refer to other distinct racial discrimination manifestations. For at least two hundred years before the beginning of the civil war, slavery is said to have existed within America. However, after this war, things moved from bad to worse for the black community. The southern part of America, especially, felt that they actually needed to move with speed and come up with legislation that would restrict the movement and association of blacks with other majority races. The former confederates, southern legislatures opted to pass laws popularly regarded as black codes, which immensely limited the blacks’ rights and subsequently segregated them from the white community.
There had been no need for separating blacks and whites since approximately 95% of the blacks had been salves. However, they were still separated at taverns, theatres, schools and other social places. The blacks, therefore, witnessed a series of segregation tendencies from their white counterparts and with time, they got to adopt the situation. It is with this regard that congress swiftly moved to respond to this legislation in 1866 and managed to seize the responsibility of remaking the south. The Republican group demanded that the remaking of the south be marked by the viability of freed blacks in the society (John, 1997). By 1868, most of the laws, which happened to discriminate against the blacks, were effectively repealed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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