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Niger country - Research Paper Example

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Name Class Date Niger Order No. 836848 Introduction Niger is a landlocked country in the Western region of the African continent. It is surrounded by Chad to the East, Mali and Burkina Faso to the West, Libya and Algeria to the North, and Benin and Nigeria to the South…
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Niger country
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Download file to see previous pages Large deserts cover the North of the country. A little over three fourths of its area is covered by the Sahara desert. The terrain is largely made up of desert plains and sand dunes, with flat to rolling Savannas in the South and hills in the North. The Southwest of the country, where the river Niger flows, is the only fertile land and is also home to most of its citizens. The Niger stretches across Western Africa for a length of about 2, 600 miles and is considered to be one of the primary rivers in Africa besides the Nile and the Congo. The Geographical layout of Niger is almost twice as more as that of California and comprises of mixed terrain with central hills and plateaus that merge themselves into expansive lowlands with plains in the North and mountains in the Southwest. Each region experiences its own climate. The North is a more arid region, while the center of Niger experiences a tropical kind of climate, and the South a more Equatorial climate. This happens because the African continent is extremely vast. The Atlantic Ocean at 0m is considered to be the lowest point, while the highest point is taken to be Chappal Waddi which rises to a height of 2, 419m through which runs Africa’s most famous river, the Niger. ...
The population of Niger is predominantly Islamic and is distributed mostly between the West and the far South of the country, primarily because that is the only inhabitable land mass due to the presence of the river Niger and the flora, fauna and fertile land surrounding it. The people are mostly descendents of the nomadic Tuaregs, who were the first inhabitants of the Sahara region, followed by the Hausa from the 14th century, the Zerma from the 17th century, the Gobir from the 18th century and the Fulani from the 19th century. Niamey is the capital city and is located in the far-southwest corner. The country was incorporated into French West Africa in 1896. At the time, the country was in a state of seemingly perpetual turmoil, but once harmony was restored, the French made the area its colony in 1922.The French constitution was adopted through referendum in 1959 that made it an autonomous republic with the French community. To this day, the country is faced with serious social, natural and political problems. There is economic instability as nature isn’t too favorable making the country, its people and economy vulnerable to drought from time to time, with the constant threat of locust infestation. Added to this, is political instability arising from constant friction between the civilian political parties and the military and internecine wars among various tribes. U.S. Immigration: The African Experience People of African descent in the United States, until the early 20th century, were not considered as part of America’s migratory tradition historically. This puzzling fact of American society derives from the transatlantic slave trade between the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Niger Country Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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