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Sustainable Energy Development, Transportation and Gas Flaring in the Niger Delta, Nigeria - Research Paper Example

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This paper explores energy development in Nigeria, especially the Niger- Delta and its transportation. It also makes explores the local and international market opportunities for the various projects of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Nigeria…
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Sustainable Energy Development, Transportation and Gas Flaring in the Niger Delta, Nigeria
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Extract of sample "Sustainable Energy Development, Transportation and Gas Flaring in the Niger Delta, Nigeria"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that Nigeria is ranked among the top 10 countries globally with the largest deposits of natural gas. However, much of this gas is flared off, and the volume of the gas flared in a single day is more than the combined energy needs of entire sub-Saharan Africa. This phenomenon has resulted in socioeconomic losses and health problems to the Niger- Delta region, its people and entire Nigeria. Estimates from the World Bank reveal that each year, Nigeria burns natural gas amounting to more than 100 billion cubic meters. Although the world is shifting towards green technologies, there is still a high need for natural gas both for domestic and industrial use. In addition, energy prices are escalating every now and then indicating a global energy shortage. The burning of gas is, therefore, a colossal waste of resources, and especially, in Nigeria where there are huge energy shortages. The main types of energy that Nigeria develops both for its local and export markets are gas oil and gas. Estimates by the US United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) suggest that Nigeria’s oil reserves are about 16-22 billion barrels (3.5×109 m3) but other sources suggest a higher figure of 35.3 billion barrels (5.61×109 m3). These oil reserves make Nigeria the 10th largest petroleum-rich country and the leading in Africa. This oil is located in 159 oil fields and 1481 wells are already in operation. The most productive oil producing region in Nigeria is the southern region or the Niger Delta, specifically the Niger Delta basin. Khan states that this region has 78 of the 159 oil fields. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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