Literature review on a Law based Topic: Who will guard the guards - Research Paper Example

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The paper throws light on policing, a subdivision of the criminal justice but due to its diversity and various functions it can be taken as an organization as whole. An organization is a social association or a unit, structured in a systematized way to achieve a common goal. …
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Literature review on a Law based Topic: Who will guard the guards
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Download file to see previous pages It is evident from the study that for the well-being and prosperity of a nation, it is of utmost importance that the activities of the local population are kept in check. The government and administrations of all countries have therefore devised a system called Criminal Justice to uphold peace and control by creating certain rules, to stop the rules from being violated and to punish those who are involved in the violation of these rules. These are the basic aims of the criminal justice system and according to these it is divided into three main subgroups. One of them is the policing or the law enforcement department of the criminal justice. It deals with the correction of the errors found in the community, and to a higher level in the nation as a whole. Our topic is based on this subdivision of the criminal justice system. Police deals with the maintenance of social control and the eradication of crimes prevailing in the society so they can be termed as both the peace makers as well as the crime fighters. Running systems as huge as these are extremely difficult as they require tremendous man power, brain power and split second decision making. Many administration and managerial problems arise in these departments and it is essential to get rid of them as they hinder in the efficiency of the system. When we think of criminal justice organizations and especially the law enforcement department, the first image in our head is of shiny badges, guns and sirens.

Yet, there is more to this department than merely these above listed things. Policing is a subdivision of the criminal justice but due to its diversity and various functions it can be taken as an organization as whole. An organization is a social association or a unit, structured in a systematized way to achieve a common goal. An organization can further be divided into many parts and of the most important part of any organization is its administration and management (Cooper 2006). These terms are involved with supervision, control and handling. So, the administrators and managers in an organization are responsible for providing guidance and leadership along with managing the affairs of the company. It is also the job of the administration and management to facilitate the different parts of the organization in all ways. Like every other department, the administration and management of the police department is the most important part as all the other divisions of the department are controlled by it and are ultimately dependent upon it for the shaping up the strategies and methods of their implementation. The main responsibility of police administrators is to provide structure and leadership to the organizations so all the respective members can work effectively and meet the demands and needs of the community (Gailes & Worrall, 2003). Tracing back the history we can see that in nearly all communities and settlements, there has always been a certain group of people responsible for the maintenance of peace in the region and for the decisions of punishments and paroles for the people found guilty of charges. Similarly there has always been a division among that group, a part of which has been involved in the direct action against crime while the other half has a no less time consuming and difficult job of planning the strategies of the first part – when and how they will act under special circumstances, what needs to be done for the betterment of the society, and what are the methods to fulfill the requirements and needs of the local people? Although the administrators and managers are not involved in the direct action, they are the real back bone of the organization (Seba & Rowley, 2010). The job of the administration and management has been evolved now, it is tougher and more demanding than ever as the new progress and development has resulted in higher security problems and the citizens ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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