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Criticaly the popular opinion of prison life with those who have been imprisoned in the UK (subject criminology) - Literature review Example

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Crime under this theory is considered a conflict between individuals, not so much between the offender and the state. Under this context, there is a belief that the obligations in the…
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Criticaly review the popular opinion of prison life with those who have been imprisoned in the UK (subject criminology)
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Extract of sample "Criticaly the popular opinion of prison life with those who have been imprisoned in the UK (subject criminology)"

Download file to see previous pages This theory also emphasises the importance of victims and offenders meeting each other face to face, allowing them to voice their issues and experiences in order to eventually achieve mutually supported resolutions. Restorative justice is based on various indigenous cultures, cultures which apply traditions relating to spirituality and holistic healing (Sharpe, 1998). It also uses the non-retributive obligations relating to harm, supported by other faiths and cultures. In general therefore, penology based on this theory seeks to secure a balance between the offender and offended party (Cavadino and Dignan, 2006). Restorative justice therefore includes the concept of punishment. Penology designs by society include imprisonment, the payment of fines, and corporal punishment as a means of achieving the principles of restorative justice. Within the concept of restorative justice therefore, the perceptions of society and of incarcerated individuals shall be anchored, especially in terms of the actual impact of incarceration on prisoners. (link between restorative justice and punishment)
In understanding restorative justice, however, it is important to understand the criminal justice system and its initial applications in the UK society. Penal policy in the UK went through various transitions in an effort to support the Church of England against nonconformists, mostly by implementing forfeitures, civil provisions, and civil disabilities (Morrill, 1996). From the nineteenth century, significant changes have been identified in the criminal justice system. During Queen Victoria’s reign, major theorists like Edwin Chadwick considered the criminal offender as individuals belonging to the working classes who did not want to enter an honest full day’s work, and who preferred to drink and be idle (Mantle,, 2005). The mid-19th century welcomed the term ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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