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Sports Laws and Anti-Doping - Essay Example

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Based on this research there are sport governing institutions that provide a set of rules on how best the rules require implementation. The set of rules often entail the fairness in the game and promote fairness in the competitions. …
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Sports Laws and Anti-Doping
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Download file to see previous pages The paper gives detailed information about individuals who find difficult to adjust to the set rules hence apply dubious methods to achieve success. Some, however, have gone against the set policies in their attempts to curb certain impairments that may have been experienced during their career to lead them down career failures. A country may, however, possess a power to intervene into some decisions that these institutions make especially if they affect the welfare of decisions made in the sport or go against specific sport law provisions. Doping in sport is an entity that various countries have made attempts to eradicate and anti-doping organization have been formed where sports men/women are controlled to inhibit the heinous practice. Doping has been witnessed in various instances where an athlete uses various ability enhancing substances to achieve their success. The specific body that controls the sport normally passes judgment on the implication of doping. However, there may be provisions that may involve the government to interfere with certain decision in their attempts to protect their citizens. The independent bodies may be internationally formed, for example, FIFA, which oversee the football affairs across the globe. Inside FIFA, there are certain provisions that limit the actions of the country’s government to interfere with their affairs. Though independent there have been attempts to limit the restrictions of the independent tribunals, especially evident rulings on doping cases. Sports Laws and Anti-Doping Sporting activities have grown famous among individuals over the past few decades and has seen many individuals growing into becoming perfectionist in their specific talented area. Many venture into sport for fun and articulate it as being a leisure activity. However, recent statistics has shown that the sport industry is increasingly becoming commercialized with many individuals not only entering the event for fame but for the financial packages that the modern sports entail (Aketch, 2008). The athletes have applied their talent to gain the favor to apply the sporting activities as a source of livelihood and the majorities have grown up without accessing any form of education to substitute their trade. The financial entity of the sport industry has driven the majority of sport personnel to cheat and apply doping techniques to advance in their career. The rule in any sporting activity is to be the best among competitor and therefore through applying various skill advancing methods, many have gained favor to advance before their rivals. However, there have been massive anti-doping measures that have rooted out the course of this action singling individuals with drug addiction problems and still participate in the sport. These actions have led to a lack in interest from most fans with the majority losing favor towards their once known excelling competitors. This eventually leads to a lack in interest and favor towards the sport. There has since emerged various sport organizations to promote the eradication of doping and unfair play. Examples are FIFA and IOC that oversee the actions in football and Olympics respectively. These organizations share no relation or any form of direct influence from national law and have set their own independent rules that members must follow to gain merit in participating ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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