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A Yippie Legal Battle Echoes again - Case Study Example

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In the paper “A Yippie Legal Battle Echoes again” the author analyzes the case when more than over 25 years ago, the Handschu rules were created after Barbara Handschu and others file a suit claiming that their exercise of free speech was violated when NY police were caught spying on Americans…
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A Yippie Legal Battle Echoes again
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Download file to see previous pages It is very dangerous to place suspicion on a group of people just because of their religious or political beliefs. This was previously done within US histories such as the McCarthy reports and especially during WWI and WII. Legally, the NYPD has not fulfilled its burden especially since it acts as a government with its police power. Mortgage Scams in Weak Housing Market November 13, 2011, Scammers have become more clever in profiting from the weak economy when dealing with people who are losing money each day. Some fraudsters create documents to change loans. Others tell people that they are attorneys. They tend to take the homeowner’s money and then leave. Since January, the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule has ban mortgage firms from receiving an upfront payment for their services. However, attorneys are exempt and so scammers attempt to use the exception to profit. Some scammers even manipulate homeowners to sign a quit-claim deed, that creates a transfer of the home to the scammer. They promise the owners that they will be able to one day return to their home but never do. Short-sale frauds have also increased as well. Closing agents may not remit payoffs as part of a scam. This involves a property legal issue of quit-claim deeds being issued to those without an attorney present. It is extremely important for homeowners to consult with an experienced and certified attorney that will guide them in their ventures. Unfortunately, lawyers are now getting a bad reputation due to the actions of scammers. This case addressed the importance for individuals who do not practice law to consult with an attorney before transferring or signing any deeds. Quit-claim deeds are very permanent and are difficult to retract unless fraud is proved which in of itself is very difficult to do. Judges with Temperaments November 10, 2011, Media outlets have continually portrayed the legal field as one filled with drama and comedy. “The Good Wife” recently highlighted the case of Roberta Kittleson who was a judge who seduced her law clerk and made sexual advances to lawyers while being very dominant within her courtroom to humiliate witnesses and litigants.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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