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Client Assessment Report in Counseling - Essay Example

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In the essay “Client Assessment Report in Counseling,” the author discusses the case of a 26-year-old man who lives alone. He is a reserved, humble and quiet person. According to Goldberg’s five-factor theory of personality, Dickson can be said to be low on extraversion…
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Client Assessment Report in Counseling
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Download file to see previous pages He was able to overcome his castration anxiety and identify with his father. However as he grew up, his father expected him to take over the family business. This did not feature in his ambitions since he had a strong desire to start his own IT firm which he went on to do. Conscientiousness as one of the five factors found in Goldberg’s trait theory of personality deals with the assessment of an individual’s degree of organization, persistence, and motivation in goal-directed behavior. Dickson being high in conscientiousness seemed to be what created the wedge in the relationship with his father and therefore it crumbled. It was because of this that Dickson found himself sinking into a depressed state. Dickson is the only son in a family of three of which he is the middle born child. According to Alfred Adler; the birth order was seen to influence the formation of the personality of an individual. Being a middle born the universal traits expected to feature in Dickson included independence on behavior. Alfred advanced that middle born less closely identify with the family because they receive less attention compared to the first or last born children. They, therefore, learn to look out for themselves and they tend to report having been less loved as a child. His older sister who is eight years his senior is a successful figure in her father’s family business. This heightened the pressure to join the family business even more and his refusal to do so was just seen to be much worse because as a boy, he is expected to have been socialized by his father to take up the role of the head of the family business. The age difference also put a strain on the sibling relationship between him and both his sister. This is because even his younger sister was ten years younger than he was. Age difference affects sibling relationships whereby, the contextual influences e.g. the environmental influences vary with different generations. Growing up, Dickson enjoyed spending most of his time reading and studying in order to excel in his studies with the sole purpose of making his father proud. His introverted lifestyle allowed him to get very good grades all through his school life but this came at a high price. It denied him the chance of socially interacting with his peers who at the adolescent stage are key agents of socialization or the way in which orientation to the society normally occurs. Studies by Dunn and Plomin et al (1990) have shown that peer groups influence an individual into acceptance of new rules of behavior and provide lasting experiences for personality. Dickson, therefore, missed out on the opportunity to learn various ways of how interaction with others besides his father occurs. Dickson grew up looking up to his father who he saw as his role model. In Albert Bandura’s social learning theory; it was advanced that children learn through observational learning or what is alternatively referred to as modeling. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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