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The writer of the paper "Law To Eliminate Poverty" states, that law is an effective instrument to control the issue of poverty but it also requires other factors to participate towards the annihilation of poverty such as the government of a country and people residing in any country…
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Law To Eliminate Poverty
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Download file to see previous pages The measures adopted by the governmental and the social welfare organizational level to improve the quality of life of the poor people and the downtrodden in fact amounts to serve towards poverty reduction. In the Christianity where nun volunteers herself to poverty to satisfy her religious belief, cannot be considered as circumstantial poverty (Kerbo, 2006). At this time and age, continued economic development is constrained by lack of economic liberty. Economic liberalization should have the property rights of the poor and the needy. Financial services are accessible to them by way of technology such as mobile banking (Kenworthy, 1999). Inefficient and corrupt institutions are the major contributors to discourage investment and to frustrate the economy of a country. Foreign aid, NGOs, public and private sectors can be instrumental in uplifting health, education and poverty reduction (Kerbo, 2006). To improve the living standard of masses that are living below the poverty line, it is necessary to curb this menace. Green Revolution is the best example of it. Some of the donation givers bind donation receivers to buy their expensive products from their countries, which sometimes frustrate the efforts to meet the poverty reduction target (Barr, 2004). Poverty Law The poverty law definition is "the legal statutes, regulations, and cases concerning day-to-day life of economically suppressed class" (Lehman, 1992). The mentioned law somehow or the other deals with the legal issues and social justice i.e. public benefits law, health care law, housing law, education law, elder law, family law, juvenile law, employment law, welfare law, and Social Security law. In the broader term, it includes consumer law, immigration law, insurance law, domestic violence, childcare, electoral reforms, political science, economics, sociology, social policy, social work, and financial literacy of low-income people (Lehman, 1992). Poverty Elimination Act of Canada Poverty alleviation bill C-545, passed by the House of Commons of Canada, directs the federal government to develop poverty elimination strategy by creating independent poverty commissioner to effectively monitor the progress of the strategy evolved to eradicate poverty. The mentioned incumbent shall provide guidance to the National Council of Poverty and Social Inclusion to address the poverty-related issues (Pasma, 2010). The poverty elimination strategy should be based on three major segments: income, housing, and social justice. The bill stressed upon the need of gender analysis, certain urban and rural responses, and a vital human rights framework. The poverty elimination strategy is the most effective tool in eliminating poverty from Canada (Pasma, 2010). There is a dire need to address this issue immediately since demonstration is on the rise against poverty and income insecurity due to the current recession. Further, this number has been soaring if one takes into account the last year analysis according to which around 900,000 people are badly suffered at the hands of the recession (Pasma, 2010). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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