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The term public can be defined in many ways, one of which is that something relating to the whole population, or a group of people that share a specific unique characteristic.Policy can be defined as a course of action set by and followed by the management of individual entities or countries…
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Public Policy
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Public policy al Affiliation Public policy The term public can be defined in many ways, one of which is that something relating to the whole population, or a group of people that share a specific unique characteristic, say a geographical region, for example, a country, county, state etc. Policy can be defined as a course of action set by and followed by the management of individual entities or countries. Public policy can, therefore, be defined as a system of laws, regulations, courses of action, and financing priorities concerning a given topic put in place by a government entity or its appointees, and is usually adopted and implemented by the general public, and the authorities put in place to enforce them. Public policy is formulated to address a certain issue affecting the inhabitants of a certain area say a county. Such issues could be drainage, irrigation, water, sanitation and many others. Public policy can also be used to achieve advantageous positions or to optimally use available resources. How public policy differs from business policy. I shall begin by defining what a business is. A business is an entity that deals with customers in trading goods and services, mostly with the purpose of making a profit. A business policy can, therefore, be defined as the guiding procedure or ideas, that is adopted by the various business entities in solving certain issues affecting it, or in helping to achieve its objectives. Different businesses have different business policies and also have their own way of enforcing them. (Thomas, 1983) says that business policy is set by the tactical level management of the business, and is enforced by the middle level managers and the supervisory level management of the business entity. (Management study guide, 2008) Proposes that a sound business policy must be of the following characteristics; specific, clear, reliable, appropriate, simple, inclusive, flexible, and stable. The main difference between public policy and business policy is in the authority that formulates them. Public policy is formulated by the governing authority of the specific area where the policy applies. This may be a city, state etc. The formulation process is usually a political process. Business policy, on the other hand, is formulated by the high authorities of a business entity and operates for that specific business. The second difference between public policy and business policy is that whereas public policy can affect businesses, business policy does not affect public policy. Public policy affects businesses in that it can force businesses operating within its area of jurisdiction to adopt certain business policies. This may be, for example, public policy on pollution requiring businesses to have wastage disposal treatment policy. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PUBLIC POLICY AND BUSINESS POLICY There is a relationship between public policy and business policy. The relationship is that the government is the one that creates the system within which business entities operate. Business policy has to be in conformity with public policy. When government changes its policies, it affects businesses, and businesses may be forced to change their way of operation, and policies to make sure it complies with government public policy. Government may, for example, change its taxation policy to higher tax rates, it may also introduce a minimum wage policy, or raise the minimum wage if it already existed. This will ultimately affect businesses, and they will need to change their policy to conform to this. SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS AND PUBLIC POLICY Special interest groups influence public policy because they are recognized groups that are believed to be representing the interest of the people. It is impossible for the government to seek the opinion of every citizen individually, so special interest groups come in handy. Special interest groups are known to push for positive issues though they may sometime advocate for what may be considered as negative goals (“special interest groups and public policy,” n.d). REFERENCES. Baumol, J.W. and Blinder, S.A. (2003). Macroeconomics principles and policies 9th edition. Southwestern, Thomson publishers. Management study guide. (2008). Business policy-definition and features. Retrieved from Special Interest Groups and Public Policy, Retrieved from Thomas, R.E, (1983).Business policy, 2nd edition. Bath, Pitman press.   Read More
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