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Criminal case of Florida vs Jamarco Stafford - Term Paper Example

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This report presents a study, the base of which is a case study of Jamarco Stafford and James Adams where two closest of friends have been found to kill each others’ brothers. The report has conducted a study on the different theories related to teen murders and associated them in the current study to have an idea on the causes…
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Criminal case of Florida vs Jamarco Stafford
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Download file to see previous pages The case of Jamarco Stafford and James Adams reflect a phase in the lives of human beings where crime seems to have taken a major role in changing an entire scenario of a family from happiness to a shattered stage of living. The families of Jamarco Stafford and James Adams could be realized to be in such a stage after they lost their children and faced their other children spending days and nights in jail. Murder being a heinous and harsh crime has been found to encounter several laws and charges. Yet, the society seems to be unable to control human beings from taking up such dreadful measures. Particularly, in the modern times, the younger generation seems to be more violent in nature and getting involved in incidents of murders (Holinger, 1994, p.21) as in the case of Jamarco Stafford and James Adams also get presented.
The story of Jamarco Stafford and James Adams presents a case where these two friends who were extremely close friends, growing up together, attending places and events together, eventually betrayed each other when both killed each other’s brothers. Adams had killed the brother of Stafford on demand of a gun. The resistances on the earlier murder created confrontations that led to a second murder of Lavoris Adams who was the brother of James, by Stafford. The incident shattered the lives of these two families and the two young kids had to spend their lives in jail. The incidents were shocking and unexpected since these two kids had grown up together and were the closest of friends (Lebovich, n.d.)....
The incidents were shocking and unexpected since these two kids had grown up together and were the closest of friends (Lebovich, n.d.). In the recent years murders or killing by adolescents have rapidly increased in rate. This has eventually created difficulties for “law enforcement personnel”, as well as other people who are involved in the social or health welfare of common people, the educators, members of families and the peer groups (Heckel & Shumaker, 2001, p.xix). Particularly in cases of adolescent killings it becomes highly difficult to judge the causes behind the act. The young generations are unable to explain their thoughts, their reasons, and are confusing and unaware of the consequences of such actions. Many times they attempt such acts from utter immaturity and impatience (Heckel & Shumaker, 2001, p.xix). Criminal laws are also applicable on the adolescents who execute such heinous crimes. In fact, the number of prisoners from adolescents seems to be rising more than adult prisoners. Juvenile murderers are also treated like adults since laws have now initiated measures not to be partial in such cases, instead criminals should tried as made by the law. The adolescents who have been found to be involved in murders reflect that the number of males in the records is much higher than there are females in the same record (Worell, 2001, p.617). Criminal law and its theories are highly significant in the context of adolescent killing. It has been observed that a criminal law theory may be different from other laws thus making the criminal law theory a unique theory in its context (Moore, 2010, p.8). In most cases the causes of a crime would not be able to be explained by common people. However, several researchers have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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