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Critically consider how feminists should view pornography and/or prostitution - Essay Example

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Before going into the discussion regarding how different groups of feminists should view pornography and prostitution, let us get a brief overview of what these terms actually are in order to get a better understanding of the issue…
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Critically consider how feminists should view pornography and/or prostitution
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Download file to see previous pages People involved in the act or business of pornography show pornographic material to other people through many ways, such as, books, websites, magazines, paintings, photos, and videos. Child pornography is one of the most criticized forms of pornography. Wiesen states, “In some countries, all depictions of sexual activities are considered illegal pornography and the punishments for possessing or distributing such materials can be severe”1. In the Middle East, governments of many countries have banned the depiction of pornographic material or sexual acts regardless of the level of nudity shown in the images. In case of the United Kingdom, the rules regarding child pornography are very strict and the government has put a strict ban over the display of child pornography through any channel. If we talk about prostitution, we can say that it is one of the most disgraceful and oppressive acts done by any person. Prostitution is the act of getting payment in return of providing sexual services. Prostitution is the business of providing sexual services to other people for getting money. Prostitution has become a high revenue generating business for human trafficking groups these days. Bartley states, “Prostitution is a terrible strain upon civilization”2. There exist many groups in different countries, which supply women and children to other countries in order to earn high amount of money. Damewood states, “Although the sex is traditionally traded for money, it can also be bartered for jewelry, clothing, vehicles, housing, food—anything that has market value”3. However, prostitution in any form is illegal because it destroys the dignity and status of women. Therefore, it can never be regarded as a good profession for earning money. Question: The question, which will be addressed in this paper, is that how feminists should view pornography and prostitution. The paper will address both issues in accordance with the point of view of the feminists. My stand for these issues is that pornography and prostitution are both illegal and disgraceful acts and the government of every country needs to take proper steps to control the spread of these businesses. The main reason behind putting ban on these businesses is that these businesses spread immorality and sexual frustration in the society, which lead the society towards many social problems. In the following section, we will discuss and compare different feminist views regarding pornography and prostitution. Feminists’ View Regarding Pornography Feminists’ view regarding the issues of pornography and prostitution is very influential. If we talk about their view regarding pornography, we come to know that they have been observed criticizing pornography since 1970s. Kate Millet, Andrea Dworkin, and Katherine McKinnon are some of those feminists who criticized the business of pornography in all forms. Their stand was that pornography injects sexual frustration in the minds of people, which leads them towards sexual crimes. Lehman states, “Representations of women, clothing, and other diverse practices all invoke sexuality”4. It is because a person, after watching adult material either on the internet or on any other place, gets sexually frustrated and tries to do whatever he has watched, and when he does not get a chance to do such actions practically, he tries to do it by force, which is called rape. Collier found that crime is a masculine phenomenon up to a great extent5. Smart ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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