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Television Technologies In Journalism - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Television Technologies In Journalism" identifies a technological advance that journalists and common people use for mass communication. It identifies what will be made obsolete by the advances of this piece of technology, and whether it will benefit mankind…
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Television Technologies In Journalism
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Download file to see previous pages The telephone technology was a major contributing factor to the evolution of the radio technology. On the other hand, scientists were working on the technologies necessary for creating photography, television, and motion picture production. There are also changes in the manner in which photography occurs in the current century. For instance, there is the arrival of digital cameras which makes it possible for photos to come out in an instance (Thummim, 17).
Another aspect of mass communication is the evolution and use of computers for communicative purposes. Through this technology makes the internet to emerge as a channel of mass communication (Cianci, 27). For instance, the emergence of social networking sites like facebook, twitter, and my space have shaped the manner in which people communicate in the current century. On this bases, therefore, tools of mass communication are always changing, and this is because of the emergence of a new technology that shapes the market.
This paper identifies a technologies advance that journalists and common people use for mass communication. The technology in question is the evolution of digital television sets. This paper examines the technology in question and projects its future outlook. In the process of these explanations, this paper identifies what will be made obsolete by the advances of this piece of technology, and whether it will benefit mankind. This paper has a conclusion, which is a summary of the main points found in the text.
Digital television refers to the evolution of television technology that makes it possible to transmit audio and video images through a multiplexed and a digital signal. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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