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Given the prevalence of information communication technologies in societies all over the world in the 21st century, the mass media has become the centre of social interactions, consequently influencing the public opinion of the masses (Bader 35). The media plays several…
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English writing
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will explore the manner in which the mass media influences the public opinion of the masses in the course of serving its primary core functions in society, namely informing, entertaining and educating the public.
The primary role of the mass media in every society is to provide news and information to the public, in the true sense of the so-called ‘information age’ in the 21st century, which greatly shapes public opinion (Mujtaba). Since human beings are social beings, people all over the world are presently ruled by information communication technologies. Consequently, it is not unusual for the masses to turn to the various media outlets, particularly the TV, in search of news and information at the break of every dawn (Colistra 85). Inevitably, the numerous media outlets play a very vital role in the information communication chain by informing the masses about what is taking place in their environments. The news and information received through these media outlets shapes people’s thinking and perceptions concerning certain issues in society. Public opinion is very crucial in the implementation of public policy, especially regarding controversial issues affecting the masses. Biased media reporting can totally shift the scales in terms of whether a proposed policy will be accepted or refuted by the masses. Policy makers often seek to establish positive public opinions to favour certain pieces of legislation through mass media. in politics, media reporting can potentially turn the public opinion either in favour of or against a certain proposed public policy (McQuail 8). In the wake of the Iraqi assault by the US troops back in the year 2003, the media played a great role in shaping the public opinion of the masses regarding the war. The then Bush administration and Congress decried the perceived biased media representation of facts that was consequently shifting public opinion against the war (Baum & Potter 40). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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