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Geertz and Pacanowsky Cultural Approach to Organization - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes the theory of Cultural Approach to Organization, that was propounded by Clifford Geertz and Michael Pacanowsky. These are great scholars who did a lot of research on the area of organizational culture and came up with a theory how to understand the organizational culture…
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Geertz and Pacanowsky Cultural Approach to Organization
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Extract of sample "Geertz and Pacanowsky Cultural Approach to Organization"

Download file to see previous pages From the film ‘Developing Organizational Culture,’ Tom examines how the theory can be applied in promoting an organizational culture within a workplace. He says that culture needs to be inclusive. Meaning, it should not come from one dominant section, but be a blend that reflects the entire organization. He agrees that culture is not organization, itself, is a culture and does not necessarily need to have one. Also, he concurs that it is a unique and elusive system of shared meaning which should be embraced by everyone as it determines what the organization stands for. No organization is made up of one person. Their complexities and diversities dictate that they need to be favorable for all. In conclusion, Cultural Approach to Organization is a brilliant theory that, if effectively applied in management, can help in producing an ideal workplace. Geertz and Pacanowsky did a commendable by doing a great research that can help in producing an excellent workplace. Surely, no organization has a culture because it is the very organization which is a culture. At the same time, it needs to be drawn from the narratives from the personal, corporate and collegial stories. For all organizations to excel, they need to have a set of culture which defines their system. As seen in the article and film, its effective application can help in promoting effective interpersonal and organizational communication which can in turn help in creating harmony within the workplace. It shows that the theory can help a lot if properly applied. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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