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The lay persons have been driven to believe in the theory because of witnessed cases of people suffering from severe and consistent headache after taking foods containing the…
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Common Scientific MythConceptions: MSG=Headaches
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Common Scientific Myth Conceptions: MSG=Headaches due: Common Scientific Myth Conceptions: MSG=Headaches
The lay theory of MSG is that spring rolls and chicken with broccoli are the causatives of headaches. The lay persons have been driven to believe in the theory because of witnessed cases of people suffering from severe and consistent headache after taking foods containing the flavor. Others have picked up the reasoning from their previous generations since the MSG started developing a bad reputation way back in the 1960s. Back then, the additive was connected to adverse reactions the most common being a headache. It is hard to avoid MSG since it is found in most processed foods, including ramen noodles and products containing soy proteins (Baad, Cairns, Ernberg & Svensson, 2009).
The theory, can, however, be challenged since it fails to put into consideration symptoms like flushing, sweating, numbness nausea, chest pain, and weakness (Aubrey, 2006). The scientific theory behind MSG as a cause of headache is found in its constituents. MSG (monosodium glutamate) causes migraines, responsible for triggering a headache. The research on the allergy caused by MSG is not sufficient to prove that the preservative is responsible for headache (BBC, 2010), even though it suggests that the glutamate in MSG is an excitatory neurotransmitter causing increased activity in certain cells of the brain (Zeratsky, 2015).according to a New York Times journal, MSG has been thoroughly debunked. All studies have confirmed that the monosodium glutamate in normal concentrations has no effect whatsoever on the overwhelming majority of people. No official body, academic or governmental has found it necessary to warn people against consuming MSG (Goldkorn, 2009).
My speech was intended to investigate whether there is any relationship between MSG and headache. My research showed that the theory is merely a myth as the scientific facts prove otherwise.
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