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Critical Process Paper - Essay Example

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The appearance of Internet was perceived as revolution by modern society as it gave us new incredible opportunities in terms of work and communication. Social networks have substituted live communication, Skype gave a possibility to call any person in the world for free and…
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Critical Process Paper
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Download file to see previous pages We were so glad to get all these opportunities that forgot to find out how these processes are made and how are they regulated inside. Lack of privacy and absolute absence of safety appeared as a real drawback of the Internet. When we write a letter to a friend we make sure that the envelope is sealed and that no one will have the possibility to open it and to read it. When we send an e-mail we can hardly guess who will have a chance to look it through because the mechanism seems complicated and incomprehensible. Up to the events described in “United States of Secrets” Internet users believed that their Internet activity was safe from intrusion. But it was just an illusion: it turned out that everything created and sent online is monitored, collected, and analyzed, and the most creepy is the fact that it is done by the government which is supposed to protect and take care of its citizens. The film “United States of Secrets” showed how far the authorities can go in preventing terrorism, how easily the principles of freedom granted by constitution can be violated. “United States of America” revealed that the administrations of the former and the present presidents deceived and continue to lie to people intentionally to hide their illegal operations. This documentary is the story of the lost privacy and inability of different branches of power to work coherently and consistently. Moreover, “United States of America” is the story that raises this question and draws wide public to the discussion of the issues of mass surveillance, Internet safety and privacy.
The central to the understanding of the whole concept of surveillance is the existence of the person named Edward Snowden. A lot of people heard about him and about things that he has done, but “United States of Secrets” explained the degree of risk he was subjected to and the nature of his actions in detail. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critical Process Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words - 1.
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