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My career choice is Health Communication Specialist. I will use this careerchoice for all my research documentsincluding, brochure of health communication along with a proper career plan with future…
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A business letter
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49 Lightning Lane, Kent. OH 44240 (330)631-6354 June 18, Rozell R. Duncan, Ph.D. Associate and Kent Kent, Ohio 44242-0001
(330) 672-0184
Dear Dr. Duncan,
Thank you very much for allowing me the opportunity to discuss my career choice. My career choice is Health Communication Specialist. I will use this careerchoice for all my research documentsincluding, brochure of health communication along with a proper career plan with future prospects. To generate these documents and collect information about health communication and its future scenarios, I went to Boston Medical Center Health Net Plan to adhere my aims.
During this educational tour, I evaluated the vast area of health communication. It is a communication system with various aspects in it, such as Community Health Mediator, Emergency Epidemic Health Awareness Program Associate, Psychiatric, and Mental Health Management, Health Marketing experts for various Government and Medical-Surgical Agencies along with others. Additionally, I came to know about those various aspects of health communication specialist from the professors of Boston Medical Center Health Net Plan that has considerably supported me in order to attain comprehensive understandings related to health communication.This short tour of Boston Medical Center Health Net Plan has provided me some insights related to the work of health communicator specialist that I eventually choose for my research documents.
I especially appreciate the great time with Boston Medical Center Health Net Plan as well as the efforts from the professors. The professors spent a lot of time with me to show all the aspects of health communication as a subject, as a career along with its future prospects and the other facilities and attributes of this subject. Their valuable comments and advice were most influential and helpful to me. I would also like to thank them all for supporting me in selecting appropriate career plan via selecting such a promising career path like health communicator and assist to select a proper institution for learning the subject of health communication.
Again, thank you Madam.
AbdulazizAwaji Read More
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A Business Letter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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