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Creer devlpment - Research Paper Example

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Running Head: Social support and health advocacy Social support and health advocacy: A Reflective Paper Your Name goes here Professional Specialization Name of your professor Date Introduction In the highly competitive environment of the 21st century the choice and pursuit of a career development plan are critically important decisions…
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Creer devlpment
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Extract of sample "Creer devlpment"

Download file to see previous pages Although, the major consideration remains unchanged that is the achievement of an ultimate high value objective set for professional growth. It is equally important that the selected career path should have potential to contribute towards the social well being of the masses to ensure that it imparts a sense of satisfaction for the individual. Keeping the aforesaid in mind, I have selected the “Social Support and Health Advocacy” as an area of career development program. The field of choice is closely related to the communication domain because it requires a close interaction with masses to know exactly their demands and needs as well as communicating the assessed requirements to the health officials and other public and non-public organizations. The field of the “Social Support and Health Advocacy” primarily cover two sub-domains i.e. the Social Support; the Health Advocacy. Social support is concerned with general public communications which may include one to one interactions, corner meetings, conventions, large scale public gatherings to acquire input from the masses about the system, its short comings and the procedural and administrative recommendations to ratify these issues. Goldsmith (2012), who is an Associate Professor of Speech Communication at the University of Illinois has surfaced several aspects of communication that are commonly used and employed in social support, especially in health, anxieties and stress issues. He suggests that our frequent communication with our families, children, elderly persons of the securities and other interactions on these issues is the best kind of social support and if we can refine this communication issues can be addressed in a befitting manner. An expert communicator can devise ways and means to improve the quality of this communication by selecting good and effective observations. Moreover, an effective communicator can extend his social support by identifying various approaches that may help social interactions and communications more fruitful and result oriented in the elimination of daily stresses and major crises that may come across our lives. Social Support is an important area where communication can play a significant role to improve the quality of an individual’s life. However, it requires a well planned and targeted attainment of skills and expertise to ensure a career growth with significant achievements in the field of effective communications. Beyond the core communication skills like grammatical correction and purposefulness, an effective communication must have expertise in the prevailing Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), a close look on the social setup and values while a comparative study of people and societies around the world to ensure the incorporation of a global perspective in your communications. These requirements can lead to a number of studies and courses in ICT, social science core expertise, philosophy and interpersonal as well as inter organizational communication skills. However, the selection of courses and expertise from these domains may have subjectivity because of personal trends, likings and approach. “Health Advocacy”, the other sub-domain of my professional career plan demands even more effective communication skills. Primarily, healthcare advocacy is directly concerned with people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Creer Devlpment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
Creer Devlpment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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Discuss your most significnt cdemic or personl chievement mens to work hrd nd how to motivte other to do the sme thing. In ddition to my employment I lso continue to volunteer for community service. I ssist in kindergrten clss every Wednesdy. I hve tied shoes; put on nme tgs, sng songs nd helped the children mke pple muffins. I help the techer with lessons, rt projects, supervising during "ply time," testing nd mny other spects of the creer I hope to hve one dy. It is the most rewrding experience t this pointing in my life. I love children. Wtching them grow nd lern is one of my gretest joys. I hve to sy tht from this wide rnge of experiences I hve gined brod bckground of life. I enjoy working with nd for people. I hve lerned from helping students to keep up with some...
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