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The organization considers both the preparation and the actual meeting. Assigning specific tasks to specific people is the surest way of…
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Conducting successful meetings
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Conducting successful meetings Introduction The success of any meeting relies on its organization which should consider the uniqueness of the meeting thereby enhance the entire process. The organization considers both the preparation and the actual meeting. Assigning specific tasks to specific people is the surest way of providing authority to the various procedures that contribute to the success of the meeting. By assigning task, the organizer delegates duties and authorities t people who take care of various features including the identification and arrangement of the venue, availability and functionality of various equipment and the collection of the minutes among many other features. Through allocation, the various people account for their action and, therefore, strive to achieve success in their respective roles thereby contributing to the success of the meeting. After assigning the tasks to different people, a meeting planner must maintain team operation with the various individuals. This ensures that they consult and, therefore, prevent mistakes.
Reviewing all the actions and responsibilities at the end of the meeting further enhances the success of the meeting. The act provides the organizers with the opportunity to assess the performance of the various people assigned specific tasks. Furthermore, the review enables the organizers to assess the facilities used in the meeting and their status. Damages, loses and accidents are occurrences that even organizers must always anticipate. The review is, therefore, a perfect opportunity to assess the degree of damage and loses in order to evaluate the meeting. During the assessment, every individual assigned a task accounts for his or her roles and describes the challenges encountered. Such reviews enable the organizers to learn with the view to bettering future meetings by correcting they make in every meeting.
A good meeting planer must provide a summary of the meeting coupled with the deliverables. The summary coupled with the deliverables act as the meeting’s blueprint. It explains the importance and significance of the meeting. furthermore, the summary explains the various features a meeting requires. This enables the planer to tailor an event that befits a particular meeting. The provision of a summary enhances the organization process since it helps in securing the resources in the organization of a successful meeting (Boehme, 2008). When outlining the deliverables, the planner must account for every facility and resource included and cover for miscellaneous. This way, the meeting anticipates varied outcomes without stretching the financial among other intricate resources used in the organization of the event.
Finally, following up on action items in a reasonable time is the key to safeguarding the success of the meeting. Just as the name suggests, follow up actions refer to the process of checking the action items with the view to safeguarding their relevance and usefulness in the meeting. The process provides the planer with the opportunity to make corrections and identifying either missing or misplaced items. In doing this, the planner is likely to encounter a number of conflicts given the varied number of people taking part in the organization of a meeting. The best way of handling such conflicts is to limit the number of people taking part in the organization and to work with them as a team. This way, the team enjoys immense consultation thereby ensuring that they complete their respective tasks holistically.
Boehme, A. J. (2008). Planning Successful Meetings and Events. New York: American Mgmt Assn. Read More
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Conducting Successful Meetings Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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