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Techniques in Enhancing the Effectiveness of Meetings - Term Paper Example

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This term paper "techniques in enhancing the effectiveness of meetings" states that meeting is the strategic tool of companies to enable the gathering of relevant people to tackle their issues and problem…
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Techniques in Enhancing the Effectiveness of Meetings
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Extract of sample "Techniques in Enhancing the Effectiveness of Meetings"

Download file to see previous pages These signs indicate that companies must reform their strategies in dealing with important matters through the meeting. This paper aims to discuss the techniques that companies must employ in improving the effectiveness of meetings.
Techniques to Improve Meetings Use Meetings to Fit the Purpose Henkel asserts that the purpose of the meeting defines what types of the meeting to be used, managed, or developed. Meetings could have different purposes such as reporting, presentation, problem-solving, and decision-making. The decision whether to use nominal groups, brainstorming or technology depends on the leader after the identification of the purpose.
Nominal group is intended for encouraging the involvement of participants in the meeting. Each participant writes suggestions, idea, and opinion on the subject of discussion. Then, the ideas are discussed within the group. Moreover, comments are also shared to determine other points. However, the limitation of this structured meeting is only applicable when the topic is a general idea, which every person can relate or contribute valuable information (Henkel 33).
Brainstorming is another type of meeting wherein people convene to gather suggestions and comments in facilitating discussion. Brainstorming is necessary when dealing with a complex situation or issue that needs analytical, creative, and practical ideas. This type of meeting also encourages individuals to speak up and defend their ideas (Henkel 34).
Technology aids companies in communicating information and concerns with employees. Email ensures that participants have the time to think and analyze the question before answering. This provides convenience for companies with a huge number of employees because email can send message one at a time. Aside from email, companies use online group message and instant messaging in conducting a meeting so that members can share their thoughts, opinions, and suggestions. Moreover, the virtual meeting serves as an option for leaders who prefer flexibility. They can reach various people in different locations and motivate cooperation among members (Henkel 35-39).
The setting of Goals and Objectives/Agenda. During the pre-preparation of the meeting, leaders have acknowledged the importance of setting an agenda to direct the flow of the meeting. This is essential in ensuring the effectiveness of the meeting because it lists action points that must be covered. Based on Shessel, clear goals and objectives are the reasons for achieving success in meetings. Meetings take time, so developing agenda avoids too much spending on a similar subject with no sense of direction. Furthermore, the goals and objectives serve as marking points to determine the efficacy and efficiency of meetings (Streibel 16). Indicate People, Time, and Place It is notable that meeting incorporates the exchanges of ideas, feedback, or suggestion; hence, it needs knowledgeable and appropriate people who can give insights and opinions. Meeting does not mean that leaders will just call for participants who are available, but its techniques also evolve in choosing the right workforce. Henkel affirms that people have a “direct impact on what happens and how much is accomplished” (45). Thus, if the leader secures the attendance of inappropriate people, the success of formulating a good decision will be sacrificed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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