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I was not in a hurry in taking my coffee because I was off duty, I had decided to spend the weekend at home. After taking the coffee for sometimes,…
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Nonverbal Communication - People Watching
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Nonverbal Communication Being a cold morning that weekend, I decided not to prepare my breakfast but instead I went to a restaurant in the shopping center. I was not in a hurry in taking my coffee because I was off duty, I had decided to spend the weekend at home. After taking the coffee for sometimes, I decided to observe how people were walking in and out of the restaurant. Most importantly looking at how they persons in the restaurant sitting in twos or threes were talking and chatting.
I noticed two men in the extreme corner of the restaurant. Seemingly, they had isolated themselves from the people because they wanted to discuss the critical issue among themselves. One of the men was in looking quite older than the other man looks. The older man was predictably in his early sixties because of the gray hair while the other man could be in his mid-twenties. Outwardly, the two men were like a father and a son. This could be judged from the gestures of the old man. He wanted to pamper the young man like someone talking to a child.
From the facial expressions, they seemed to be discussing a very emotional issue. The old man who was sitting directly opposite me was frowning his face was frowning his face as the young man was talking. Occasionally, they could talk until the young man could be too emotional to the extent that the old man gave him a tissue to wipe his tears. Unfortunately, they realized that most some of the people were looking at them; they decided to clear the bill and walked out of the restaurant. From the window, I could see the old man trying to comfort the young man and hug him before entering their car and driving away.
From the discussion, the five nonverbal methods of communication are crucial. Types of nonverbal in communication gestures, body movement, facial expression, proxemics, and haptics. However, eye contact is critical in a conversation is used as an indication of how much someone is interested in the conversation. If someone is not interested in a discussion then, the eye contact would not be maintained, and very many things would be diverting the attention from the conversation. Another important type of nonverbal is body movement. The body movement can also indicate how much someone is listening and concentrated in a conversation. However, all the types of nonverbal methods of communication are very crucial but they are much dependent in the event of communicating or conversing.
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