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Nonverbal behaviour - Essay Example

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Running Head: NON-VERBAL BEHAVIOUR Non- Verbal Behavior [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institute] [Name of the Instructor] [Name of the Course] Non-Verbal Behavior We all communicate through verbal and non-verbal behavior. "The study of non verb com included communication that is effected by means other than words" (Knapp & Hall, 1997)…
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Nonverbal behaviour
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Download file to see previous pages Eye contact is a non-verbal behavior that is important in our culture and other because it confirms a person’s credibility. Eye contact is a non-verbal behavior that could indicate love, hostility or friendliness towards another individual. Hence, the way a person makes eye contact may indicate his intentions, which may be good or bad. The non-verbal behavior that I once violated was eye contact; it was when I was dropped out of school, it was very difficult for me to make an eye contact to my family that includes my parents’ and siblings. When I initiated conversation with my parents’ and siblings telling them about the school incident, I was continuously staring at the ground without making any eye contact due to fear and confusion. The responses I expect from my family vary a lot. My parent’s reaction was different as compared to my siblings. My parents were angry and sad, but my siblings found my behavior funny or full of lies. Hence, I got two different reactions from my family. According to the expectancy violation theory, no verbal communication is the exchange of messages, which can violate the expectation of another individual, which can be taken negatively depending on the strength of ratio ship between the two people who are communicating. Thus, through my behavior I do violate the expectations of my parents and siblings. As a result, of my attitude, the outcome of my communication is perceived negatively. Because, “we learn what we consider being appropriate through our interactions with others and our culture"(Burgoon, 1993). Eye gaze is one of the most important variables in American as well as, other cultures. Eye contact is considered bad between a boy and a girl in many societies; however, in some cultures it is regarded as highly offensive if a person does not make an eye contact during a conversation. Consequently, this rule varies from culture to culture. A person working for a business should possess strong non verbal communication skills, or it will be regarded as highly inappropriate. In the similar way, if we do not make eye contact with our teachers at school or college level, it will be regarded as a sign of weakness in a person’s personality. Eye contact is a strong way of communicating, a quick glance and an aggressive stare both are form of eye contacts but send different messages. One should be extremly careful as to when, how and where to use eye gaze as different cultures perceive it differently and could build a lot of misunderstanding between people. In business, one should not continuously stare another person while talking, instead staring, nodding and smiling would send appropriate messages to a business partner. Moreover, blinking fast and not making a proper eye contact could show feelings of nervousness and lack of confidence. Furthermore, in our culture long and stern stares send messages of animosity and hostility. In the same way, staring a stranger in some European countries is depicted as showing interest; on the other hand, in our society it would be taken as being disrespectful. In Asian countries in particular, brief eye contact is acceptable especially while talking to teachers, parents or business environments it shows kindness and respectfulness. Similarly, in Muslim cultures, communicating with a lower eye gaze is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nonverbal Behaviour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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