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There are permanent collections in the museum making the place to be attractive for visits by tourists (Karnes & Shapiro, 2010). The features…
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Media kit project
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Download file to see previous pages The main audience in the release is families who are looking for good scenes to spend their happy times, tourists interested in arts and students that are to learn on the historic aspect of art. The main audiences are the ones that the message is designed to reach (Karnes & Shapiro, 2010).
Foundation of the museum was by Moody Currier and his third wife and was originally referred to as Currier Gallery of Art. The establishment was to make sure that there was benefit and advancement of humanity. Expansion of the museum has been carried out in different areas where in 2005, there was moving of the offices from the point is located, Kennedy House to Pearl streets (Karnes & Shapiro, 2010). This was due to the first phase of renovation. In construction of the museum in 1867, the place was considered to be the home where several wealth industrials in the city resided. The closing of the museum for renovation was done in 2006, where there was a 21.4 million dollars expansion completed after 21 months in 2008.
Additions and renovation that was carried out in the museum lead it to receiving several awards as the people were satisfied with the new face of the museum and more tourists were visiting the area. The awards that were received by the museum were those of Design Honor Award, People’s Choice awards and American Institute of Architects awards. Both the awards were received in 2008 after there was renovation and expansion. This shows that the place has been made a better place where tourists should be able to visit to enjoy the beautiful art scenes, expansion for family vacations and a point in which history is preserved.
The museum has incredible exhibition of the work that was carried out by Escher and a permanent collection that is aimed at regional themes and artists. The museum is not so much big but it is well curated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Media Kit Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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