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This technique helps companies in releasing relevant information to the public in the right way; hence the experts involved in it have to…
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Communication with the media
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Public Relations Public Relations Public relation is an essential technique for organizations that aim at creating a positive imageto the public especially through the media. This technique helps companies in releasing relevant information to the public in the right way; hence the experts involved in it have to learn how to relay information to the public through the media (L’Etang, 2013). This paper provides suggestions of how to release three types of information to the media.
In the case of releasing information about the troublesome player, the organization should use interviews and anticipatory contacts to release information about that player. Anticipatory contact helps to defend an organization from negative publicity (Pedersen, Miloch, & Laucella, 2007). During the interview and anticipatory contact, the sports manager should first review the positive side of the player. For example, the manager may analyze the awards and trophies that the player has helped the team to win. The manager should then go ahead and point out the positive personality of that player before mentioning the mistake that the player made. However, the sports manager should maintain a positive attitude towards the player even when mentioning the mistake (Stoldt, Dittmore, & Branvold, 2006). For example, he may argue that the player is trying his best to change the behavior with the help of others. At the end of the session, the manager should once again point out the good side of the player and what he has helped the team to achieve.
In the case of the three new players, the sports manager should release this information using a press release, media guides, and fact sheets. Media guides and fact sheets contain all the relevant information about an organization that may be given out to the media (L’Etang, 2013). The press release, on the other hand, is a short article containing two to five statements about a certain event. In this case, the press release of the team will inform the public about the names of the new players and the reason for hiring them to work for the team. When releasing the press release, that is when the sports manager may give out fact sheets and media kits to media persons who attend the event and are interested in knowing more about the team (Stoldt, Dittmore, & Branvold, 2006).
In the third case about superstar players who have achieved notable goals, the organization should use conferences and interviews. A conference is an event where the whole team attends an interview with the aim of relaying certain information to the public (Pedersen, Miloch, & Laucella, 2007). The players and the manager should engage in the interactive interview session so that they may create a positive impact about their team to the public. Stoldt, Dittmore and Branvold (2007, p. 67) argues that conferences provide more information about events than press releases and fact sheets. This technique also helps to wipe out the negative publicity that the organization had (L’Etang, 2013). During the conference, the team manager and the player should present the organization strongly. This will help the media and the public to forget the negative publicity that was created about the organization when the news about the troublesome player was released. The presentation should also be so strong to increase the individuals who support the team and also to attract new players who may be hired to work for the company.
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