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Risk Communication Plan - Term Paper Example

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Risk communication refers to the interactive process that involves the exchange of information through dialogue, among the risk assessors and those who might be affected by the risk outcomes. In Glades County, Florida, rain storms have been identified as great risk to human life…
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Risk Communication Plan
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Download file to see previous pages Risk communication is needed to create public trust in risk management and promote awareness of the specific risk issues (Sellnow 85).
The specific objectives of communicating the issues related to the rainstorm risk may include educating and informing people about the risk, changing the audience behaviours and providing disaster warnings (Lundgren and McMakin 107). For example, one can use statistical comparisons to show the Glades County residents that there are still vulnerable to flash floods, storms and lightning. Behavioural change and guidance during emergencies would involve encouraging people to evacuate to open elevated places and avoid buildings during rain storms.
A risk communication plan would be very important in risk management because the assessors can analyse the audience and plan for the most appropriate communication strategies suitable for these people. Additionally, a risk communication plan enables provision of accurate and detailed information about the risk and its potential outcomes. For example, rain storms are accompanied by lightning, storms and floods, which may lead to death and destruction of property. Pre-planning would help the risk managers to prepare in advance the aids of communication needed for the awareness campaigns or seminars.
Consensus and crisis communication efforts would be appropriate in achieving the set objectives in the risk management initiative to be carried out in Glades County, Florida. In consensus communication, the involved communicators will need to agree with the audience through understanding their concerns and beliefs. In this way, they can agree on certain solutions, which are acceptable to the all the stakeholders (Lundgren and McMakin 109). For example, the communicators should identify the distinct beliefs and concerns of the people of Glades in categories of age, level of income, health status and ethnic groups. Old, poor or disabled people will most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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