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The use of blackmail is prevalent from the start where Tom, a wanted criminal, surrenders himself to the police and helps the police…
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Violent Media Content
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Violence in the media refers to scenes whose exposure causes children or anyone else to turn into a of aggression or facilitate them to commit crimes.
In the Blacklist S1 E09, Raymond makes a dangerous deal and uses vulgar language such as “son of a bitch” where two men face mistreatment. The use of blackmail is prevalent from the start where Tom, a wanted criminal, surrenders himself to the police and helps the police with the arrest of ten dangerous criminals. To stop crimes he only speaks to only “Liz” who is an FBI profiler who’s only just settled from Quantico. In the whole episode, there was an estimate of approximately twelve incidences of shooting cases and mistreatment in the quest to squeeze out information. This kind of violence provokes emotions that could lead to aggression.
The first scene under description concerns where “Tom makes a dangerous deal”. It takes place at an unoccupied house. Elias, who is the leader of three criminals, wants to know where Red is and they are using Tom who is the husband to Elizabeth Keen. To their surprise, they find out that she is an FBI agent who complicates things as Elias and his crew doesn’t want the FBI involved in their search. Tom, in turn, voluntarily offers to help them and in turn his partner is killed so as not to leak out that Tom had made a dangerous deal. Tom portrays the character of a traitor where he voluntarily decides to help Elias and his crew to get Mr. Red. He ignores that his wife Liz is always near Mr. Red thus endangering her too. All this transpire amid a lot of violence, threats and vulgar language.
On the second encounter in the episode “Red Buries the Lead”, Mr. Demarcus hires Mr. Verger to kill Red at an abandoned house so as to take the full deal on investment with the Indonesian government to contract their company to run the port of Tranquillo. Mr. Verger turns out to mislead Demarcus. Here, Red tells his life story of how he worked at a carpet shop through the summer and in turn one day his boss gave him a forty dollar bonus which he considered the most valuable money he ever made, the most priceless and says “value loyalty above all other things” . He tells Mr. Damarcus that the former deputy minister died when his arrangements to secure a donors heart did not go as planned but he says that the new deputy minister views things his way. He picks the gun and shoots Mr. Darmacus in the chest. Mr. Red is a corrupt, selfish and heartless man and he finds pleasure in the former minister’s death so as to get what he wants. In view of this, the moral lesson learned is to embrace royalty wisely, not necessarily in the wrongdoing but also in the right.
Impact of violence on the viewers
There are high chances of viewers feeling better thus at times reducing psychological tension arising when actors are engaged in some violent acts. Violence mixed with humor may be a source of potential recourses to the viewers in finding good in what may seem like an unusual mix of competing strategies. The inclusion of humor increases the liking of aggressive depictions
Significance of Potters conclusion
It provides detailed analysis on the media’s unending influence on public and individuals. He states the factors likely to bring about cases of violence as a result of the media thus making the study important on an individual level. Read More
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