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The Prevalence of Violence in Postmodern Film and Television - Research Paper Example

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Name Institution Date Violence in post modern film In the multi-mediated world, in which, codes, signs, as well as symbols tend to merge, loop, and intertwine in a somewhat endless stream presentations and simulations, criminal justice alongside crime are fundamentally the mediatised phenomena…
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The Prevalence of Violence in Postmodern Film and Television
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Download file to see previous pages This paper endeavors to illustrate the nature of this assertion, and it is, therefore, of the view that other than media, there are various other factors contributing to increased violence by young people in America Proponents of this debate cite the nature of young people to imitate what they see in the media; especially in film and television content (Singer et al., 25). This arises from the psychological makeup of human beings. Young people of certain ages are bound to be impressionable. As a result of this, proponents continue to assert that these young individuals will end up being less sensitive to the pain and, consequent suffering of fellow human beings (Lutzker, 58). However, there is no conclusive substantiation to support this claim. It is unrealistic that young people will adopt the violence in the media in extension. There is no study whose findings illustrate the psychological impact of postmodern film and television on young people that has been documented. As such, it should be regarded as a baseless conjecture whose content is not viable. Proponents further proceed to cite several researches that have been conducted on young people after being exposed to violent films. They failed to take into reflection the fact that young people behave differently, in fact unnaturally, when subjected to laboratory conditions. Additionally, proponents tend to be selective in their approach. This stems from the fact that their reasoning focuses on particular forms of fictional violence. It amounts to prejudice to characterize all media violence as wrong. It should first be analyzed according to the context of the story line. This rationale is sourced from the fact that, the context within which violence in postmodern film and television is presented has a direct correlation with its impact on the viewers (Zimring, 42). There is no conclusive evidence that proves that, there indeed is a connection between postmodern violence and violence attributed to young Americans. Simply put, no causal relationship has been found to relate violence in the media and violent crimes. This assertion is further cemented by the fact that long before the invention of current media, that is film and television, violence still reigned. Violence preceded the invention of all forms of media, specially film and television. Evidently, the human race has coexisted with violence since time immemorial. As such, it is a trait that should be embraced so as to effectively handle and hopefully have it eliminated. Violence in the media is no different to sexism and romance in film and television. Sexism and romance is widely evident in postmodern film and television, but it does not contribute to increased sexism in the society. In the same context, romance in the postmodern film and television does not lead to increased romance in the society. Then by extension, violence should in no way impact the society. In regards to expounding on the dependent relationship between two variables of interest, the appropriate avenues to pursue entails showing that in the absence of one variable, the other dependent variable will either be non-existent or experience a decrease in its recorded outcome. As such, if there is a relationship between these variables then, in the absence of violence in postm ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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