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Are the media programming us to fear american life are they promoting a world that is cold, heartless, violent, and dangerous - Research Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Role of the media in influencing the American life Introduction Media is a means of mass communication. This implies that the American media through its communicative function has progressively programmed fear of the country to most of their target audience…
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Are the media programming us to fear american life are they promoting a world that is cold, heartless, violent, and dangerous
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Extract of sample "Are the media programming us to fear american life are they promoting a world that is cold, heartless, violent, and dangerous"

Download file to see previous pages The growth in the mass media resulted in the development of a strong entertainment industry, which thereafter began exporting mass media content. Additionally, the globalization and the subsequent rise of the concept of internationalization have expedited the need for the American media to increase the intensity at which it exports its media content (Jeffres and Richard 41). Some of these media contents include news, music, music videos, films and books among others. Consumers of mass media content react differently to the content depending on the information they communicate. A lot of mass media content circulating throughout the world thus affects people differently; this effect relies on the type of the media content that the numerous American media content export. Unfortunately, most of these include violence and extreme danger. This grooms fear of the country especially among its foreign audience most of whom have never been to the country. This forms fear within the audience, therefore validating the claim that the American media is programming an international audience that is fearful of the country. However, this claim is contentious and therefore depends on the various viewpoints of every researcher. Media is elitist. This implies that only those with some basic education can access and understand the mass media contents. However, the traditional media which comprises of the radio, television and newspapers among others have gained significance reputation as being less segregated and are thus of relevance to any class in the society. The advent of the internet thus referred to as the new media presented major concerns for traditional media practitioners. The new media is arguably the fastest means of communicating with the masses; additionally the media overcomes the geographical barriers some of which hinders the operations of some of the traditional media. The invention of the social media further aggravated the role and effects of the mass media since these made everyone a potential mass communicator without the institutions of gate keepers evident in the traditional media. The internet has therefore amassed all the advantages and disadvantages of each of the traditional media and created yet some new of these. The media performs a number of roles key among which is agenda setting. Under this, the media decides the issues that the public discuss. Several activities take place in the society; however, through the newsworthiness of every event, the media opts to favor some of the events thus giving them more prominence than they do others. Such events and their related issues thus become discussion topics in the public domain. More often than not, strangers meet at gas and train stations and begin discussing the national politics, the latest movie or a recent football match covered in the media. Additionally, the media forms public opinion. Public opinion refers to a thought shared among the public. Through the stories and other mass media content, people form opinions based on the level of the prominence that the media accords a story. Furthermore, through the professional analysis that some media house contract, the media thus form valid opinions in most of their aaudience All these coupled with the fact that most audiences always form a personal likeness to their favorite media personality, which makes them idolize them; the media thus becomes a strong tool of shaping the manner in which an audience views ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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