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This is because, low cost of subscription attracts a large number of subscribers. Increasing the price for subscription will cause a decrease in the number of subscribers and hence a decrease in sales. Newsstand…
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Digital Print and Distribution
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Digital Print and Distribution Subscription costs should be kept as low as logically possible. This is because, low cost of subscription attracts a large number of subscribers. Increasing the price for subscription will cause a decrease in the number of subscribers and hence a decrease in sales. Newsstand magazine circulation mainly serves to bolster new subscriptions. They are hugely unprofitable because of distribution costs and the large return rates.
Bundling print and digital editions help to maintain print subscribers and grow digital readership. Marketing digital editions to the existing print magazines subscribers is easier for publishers since they already have an understanding of their target consumers. They possess customer data that enable them to create targeted campaigns for the web, email, and direct mail, and they can use the print magazines for advertising the digital editions. Consumers are usually willing to pay a higher price for the content they want when given options for content delivery, this is the wisdom behind bundling. Bundling, therefore, helps to offset the impact of subscription by increasing readership and consumers’ willingness to higher prices for editions.
Devices that have internet access present a profound opportunity for the advertiser, as well as publishers. There are several important advantages of online newsstands and applications such as Apple Newsstand. The main advantage is improved visibility and discoverability to potential new readers. The Reader gets notifications when a new issue is available. Publishers can use online newsstands and applications as a means of upselling digital editions through their web content. This will, therefore, boost magazine sales. Read More
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Digital Print and Distribution Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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