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In order to assess the difference, three respective basis of comparison will be undertaken. The first base of comparison between the two generations is on the basis of education…
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Week 4 journal
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Week 4 Journal The aim of this journal is to conduct a comparison between the generations spend and generation debt. In order to assess the difference, three respective basis of comparison will be undertaken. The first base of comparison between the two generations is on the basis of education and the provision of funds by the government. The second basis of comparison between the two generations remains the priorities that they set for themselves.
Firstly, the generation debt was those people who had limited sources and were independent to make their own choices. Herein, the choices were not easy but mere a decision between the life of struggle and luxury. It was considered that people who were educated and able to get respective loans to finish college and university could actually get good jobs. Eventually, they could make money to earn a peaceful life. There was lesser loans fund available to the government during 1970s. Thus, education became the most valued thing for people. On the other hand, the generation spend seem to become unaware of the value of education. People do not consider earning a degree beyond college as it was value before (Henderson).
The second base of comparison is the priorities. It is noted that the generation spend are not careful about their respective preference. People spend more money on clothes, shoes, salons and luxuries that they cannot afford. It is due to this reason that majority of the young adults are under great pressure of debt and credits.
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Week 4 Journal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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