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was arrested for breaking Alabama command against demonstrations in Birmingham (Riederapril 1). He was placed in unsociable confinement where he read a letter from Alabama clergymen condemning him and Birmingham movement for provoking…
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Persuasive text analysis
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Download file to see previous pages argues that it has been a historical fact that privileged groups give up their freedoms voluntarily. Luther uses the argument to show wisdom and societal discrimination against the fewer fortunate groups (Gossen 2). Moreover, he reflects back to the historical instances of injustice as he takes the reader on some of the important aspects that used to happen in the past. Besides, justification of his campaigns in Birmingham develops from the statement as he points out freedom of speech to the oppressed in the society. According to the analysis of the text, not only does Luther outline ideas on how historical perspectives have oppressed the present generation, but also tries to show the evolution in the present times, which how the society should be treated with dignity today.
The reply discloses facts on how various public groups need to be given the freedom of expression without the influence of historical ideologies. He affects civic life by inciting them on their rights and privileges that they need to fight for without any fear or favor.
Luther, in the letter, proceeds to say that natives have waited for more than 340 years for their God-given and constitutional rights realization. He shows that time has passed for more than enough time for notification of their rights and freedom for them to live freely and peacefully. Consequently, he justifies that their protest was the right thing to get involved in, after the abuse of their rights over so many years.
Luther emphasizes on time as a justification for their protest and time as an essence factor for changes within a society (Bella 2). On public disclosure, Luther tries to show more than enough time already given, to make changes, but they have failed in their duties (The editors 2). It forces the protestors to seek for change, without any further push. Therefore, their protest was more than necessary and relevant for them to fight for denied rights, for so many years.
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Persuasive Text Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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