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The impact of Korean TV dramas on Taiwanese consumers - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This article by Fang explains why Korean TV Drama is classified as an independent genre based on profit maximization and the real behavior of different genders. The author argues that the dramas aim at making profit in Taiwan by inducing citizens to associate with the main…
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The impact of Korean TV dramas on Taiwanese consumers
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Extract of sample "The impact of Korean TV dramas on Taiwanese consumers"

Download file to see previous pages The paper also shows how globalization has affected the consumers in Taiwan (Chih, & Yang, 2008).
The article is reliable because it establishes its conclusions on a research from the field; participants were asked to fill survey questions both online and offline. The study has also used a variety of references, but there is no clear conclusion in the paper.
The author narrates how Korean television soap operas have influenced Taiwanese students’ preferences for various clothing. Hsu has found out that varying frequency of watching the soap operas influence students’ preferences for clothing differently (Hsu, 2012). Students prefer various clothes based on the attention they attract, period, and motivation to purchase such attire.
The researcher’s conclusions are based on real data from nine hundred and thirty seven students of Taiwan. The paper has also used sufficient references, but the author has failed to include a literature review section in the discussion. The literature review would help to show the previous clothing purchase behavior of students in the country.
Kim, S., & Wang, H., 2012. From television to the film set: Korean drama Daejanggeum drives Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Thai audiences to screen tourism. The international communication gazette 74 (5). 423-442.
This paper discusses how a Korean drama known as Daejanggeum influenced Taiwanese consumers to travel to South Korea to watch the drama live at Daejanggeum Theme Park (Kim, & Wang, 2012). The article also gives an account of behavioral changes among the consumers.
The authors have used simple language and numerous resources, and they have based the discussion on a research in which consumers participated by filling in questionnaires. However, the findings of the article are based on responses from consumers belonging to different ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Impact of Korean TV Dramas on Taiwanese Consumers Annotated Bibliography.
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