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Megacities of Asia-Korea - Assignment Example

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The "ubiquitous connectivity" has propelled the technology of Korea further ahead of the whole world and will still continue to do so at the rate it is developing. The ubiquitous connectivity implies that technology is everywhere in the country and is used to connect people and…
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Megacities of Asia-Korea
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Extract of sample "Megacities of Asia-Korea"

Megacities of Asia-Korea Affiliation: What impact do you think Koreas "ubiquitousconnectivity" has on its technology industry?
The "ubiquitous connectivity" has propelled the technology of Korea further ahead of the whole world and will still continue to do so at the rate it is developing. The ubiquitous connectivity implies that technology is everywhere in the country and is used to connect people and propel their lives. This kind of technology applies pressure to the technology developers to provide even more and better upgraded and updated versions as people have gotten “addicted” to technology. The numerous companies in the technology industry will have to work round the clock to also eliminate competition because with the increasing growth of technology in the country, business is bound to get better and competition steeper. Profits will also increase as everyone will be scrambling to get the latest technology and devices.
Is it an advantage in the international market?
Yes it is. This is so because with the increase in technology development and technological devices in Korea, the market will need to expand internationally. This therefore means that people in other nations will get the latest in technology same as the Koreans and in large quantities as the production will be a lot in Korea (Dong-hyung, 2005). The prices of the other technology which had previously enjoyed having competitive advantage as well as some form of monopoly will have to reduce their prices meaning many people will be able to afford to stay connected at a cheaper cost and at a faster rate than before. Some like the marketers may not see this as an advantage but they are few and the consumers who are many have the last say and they are always right as the saying goes.
Dong-hyung, K. (June 14th, 2005). “KOREA: Future is now for Korean info-tech.” The Korea Herald. Retrieved from: Read More
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(Megacities of Asia-Korea Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Megacities of Asia-Korea Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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