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Over the past few decades, America and the entire globe have witnessed the evolution of a new form of expression albeit the concerted efforts within the establishment to avert its influence on the youth. Youth culture or Hip-Hop often characterised with urban music and dancing…
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IIndividual Projec
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The Hip-Hop Culture. Over the past few decades, America and the entire globe have witnessed the evolution of a new form of expression albeit the concerted efforts within the establishment to avert its influence on the youth. Youth culture or Hip-Hop often characterised with urban music and dancing styles has spread its wings tremendously and is now enjoyed by most youth the world over. Once confined to break dance and rap music, Hip-Hop is now represents an entire industry influencing almost every facet of life from sports, media consumption, advertising, TV programming, fashion, automotive designs etc. Today Hip-Hop is a way of life among many youths, a new culture that is deeply woven in all aspects of our daily life.
Faced with myriads of challenges that range from unemployment, inequality, marginalization, lack of access to quality healthcare and many others, urban youth have been heavily impacted by these effects of industrialization and globalization. Most youth now identify with the Hip-Hop culture; it informs our understanding everything in our surrounding. For most youths, Hip-Hop is a way of life and a method through they understand the world. This is reflected in their choices of media to consume, books to read music, movies and games purchased. A lot of empirical data is available to show how Hip-Hop culture influences youths when it comes to learning (Carl and Virgil, 2014).
Music is recognised significantly among the youth and as such is a very essential element of their culture. Many of us youth enjoy listening to and expressing our feelings through music. Research has shown Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock, Pop and Punk as the most preferred genres of music among the youth. Many youth and students will therefore spend their time listening to either of these genres of music at least every day. The lack of understanding of Hip-Hop by parents and other figures of authoring them admonish the youth for identifying with it and this in turn has compelled forced youth to deeply immerse in the culture (Sealey and Greene, 2010).
Another very important element of the youth culture is their intimacy with video gaming. This is particularly influenced by the availability of internet with which youths can easily download or even play video games online. There is also the rapid increasing in the uptake of mobile phones, with lots of youth having access to mobile phones it is very easy to access the internet and play online video games from anywhere any time. This aids in advancing their embrace when it comes to video gamingm.
In conclusion therefore, Hip-Hop has grown from being a phenomenon once confined to urban areas to become a culture, way of expression and view life among the youth the world over. Parental resistance to the cultures growth only served to compel youth immerse more into the new culture instead of protecting them from its perceived harm. The culture is now common place and is gaining acceptance among the intellectuals, the school setting and almost every other facet of our daily lives. The culture is characteristically composed of many elements, but for the purpose of writing this paper I focussed on the elements of music and video gaming. The bottom line is Hip-Hop is now a way of living among us youth, it used as a form of expression and influences the interpretation of the world around us. Parents and any other person in a position of authority over us have therefore no choice but to accept that our expression is fast changing.
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IIndividual Projec Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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