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In the contemporary world, technological advancements have diversified the avenues through which individuals access information. All platforms are in constant competition to meet the information needs of the public. As a journalist, it is important to…
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Where the copy is used and how to captivate an audience
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Use of Copy and How to Captivate an Audience Information is liberating. In the contemporary world, technological advancements have diversified the avenues through which individuals access information. All platforms are in constant competition to meet the information needs of the public. As a journalist, it is important to master the art of captivating an audience. One of the common ways of mastering the art is through making headlines more effective (Edwards 46). Just like story-telling, print material has to have a captivating headline to indulge the audience to deriving information from the piece. Copy is the best way possible to present information. In addition, written material serve as evidence to facts about the topic of discussion. Therefore, copy is important as it acts as references where information can be cited to support opinions. Copy can be accessed from books, magazines, and advertisements. All written material ought to be captivating to the audience; hence the need for quality headlines.
In any case scenario, the audience will prefer quality to quantity. The quality of a headline makes the story appealing. The headline may be stating a fact or asking a question. For example, an article on teenage pregnancy may have the following headlines- “64% of teenage mothers do not proceed with tertiary education” or “Is your daughter safe from teenage pregnancy?” A headline ought to intrigue the audience to make them want to know more about the topic of discussion. The most important aspect about capturing the attention of an audience is making them think that they know how the end will be from the headline. That way, the audience will be excited to know how the story unfolds; hence paying attention for the entire duration. For example, “The three sides of the coin: Gender-based violence.” The audience would be intrigued to figure out the other side of gender-based violence that is mostly considered a vice. Therefore, headlines on written materials form a fundamental platform whereby the audience judges the viability of a story. Even though information is liberating, quality matters over quantity.
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