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Audio Culture - Essay Example

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Their social presence also depends upon shared understanding of the world. Therefore, the study of culture and various modes of mediations of culture are very important. Radio is found…
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Audio Culture
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Download file to see previous pages In those days, radio content was most based on speech programming later by the introduction of Television media radio diverted its major entertainment towards musical programming (Crook, 2011). The purpose of this paper is to analyze different radio texts to present a discourse by evaluating the social, cultural, political and economic contexts. Four different audio programs have been selected for the analysis of radio based on programming, production, audience and cultural context. The analysis will be categorized broadly into Conversation Analysis and Discourse Analysis focusing on a use of music, sound, text and technology in different sorts of programs by different presenters.
Conversation Analysis is defined as a method of analyzing the audio or video tapes for discovering how the participants of the conversation in the audio understand each other’s points and respond accordingly with the main focus on generation of sequences of action (Wooffitt, 2005). Or in other words the purpose of Conversation Analysis is to reveal the tactic reasoning procedures and sociolinguistic capabilities triggering the production and evaluation of the audio conversation in an organized sequence of interaction (Hutchby, 2006). Discourse Analysis or Critical Discourse Analysis is a method of understanding how social power (radio) is used or abused in relation with spoken or written languages. The method particularly focuses on studying the dialectal relationship with the discourse aspect of the social practices and the structure of society (Tolson, 2006).
It is a news show presented by Victoria Derbyshire. The show includes news on social and cultural issues, political news and sports news in the United Kingdom and all around the world. Based on the conversation analysis the presenters interact with each other only when it’s necessary, like to hand over the conversation from one person to another. The news show is led by Victoria Derbyshire dominantly as she goes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Audio Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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