TED Talk: Kevin Breels Confessions of a Depressed Comic - Essay Example

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The essay discusses Kevin Breel’s confessions of a depressed comic. For instance, he was among the best students, players, actors, but felt depressed for the life he lived. People disclose the things that they do because they are afraid to face the reality that others will ignore them…
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TED Talk: Kevin Breels Confessions of a Depressed Comic
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TED Talk: Kevin Breel’s Confessions of a Depressed Comic
Kevin Breel indicates that depression is real and everyone experiences it in silence. For instance, he was among the best students, players, actors, but felt depressed for the life he lived. People disclose the things that they do because they are afraid to face the reality that others will ignore them. It is apparent that depressed individuals do not share their problems with others, but, instead, seek other dangerous ways of tackling the issue (Breel, 2013). There is nothing wrong with disclosing problems because it helps in countering challenges. In this regard, judging people for being honest is the wrong thing since it makes them lose the confidence to open up to their friends or family.
There is stigma around issues like mental health because people wish that they could have not shared the information. Stigma arises due to shame, embarrassment and the comments made by friends. However, Breel states that stigma keeps a person from receiving help, making him or her to hide the pain or the suffering (Breel, 2013). It is apparent that depressed persons normally think that being sad is the feeling of being unwanted or ignored by others. Ignorance increases stigmatization and depression because people do not understand the problems that others go through in their lives. For instance, an individual may seem happy and joyful when interacting with others in order to hide the true pain in the face or heart. As a result, Breel suggests that the first step in solving depression is recognizing its existence and being ready to share with others (Breel, 2013).

Breel, K. (2013.) “Confessions of Depressed Comic.” TED Talk Show. Web. Retrieved from
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