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The Confessions - Essay Example

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The Confessions Name Institution The Confessions A majority of the suspected criminals in most cases are the perpetrators of crime. All police officers have the legal responsibility to use whatever means possible to break down a criminal’s mental resistance in a way that benefits the law…
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The Confessions
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Download file to see previous pages Using mental forces, such as tricks, lies and the instilment of fear in the individual in question, a majority of the police officers lie to suspects as a way to intimidate them, or trick them into saying the truth. Even so, physical force is prohibited in the search for answers, and as the situation presented, it is in consequence arguable that the lies, loudness, and fear-instilling motives of the police officers are completely justified. The usual criminal approaches that are logical and ethical are not fruitful in any given contexts, and so the use of unconventional ways, being as fruitful as it is, is justified for the law, but unjustified for the criminals. The Miranda rights of criminals are not only waived to them, because this is the logically accepted process of interrogation, but rather because suspects are merely suspects. At times, they may be innocent, whereas in other incidences they are guilty of the allegations tabled against them. The Miranda rights of the suspects give him an opportunity to pursue his right to silence, because most of the innocent suspects may incriminate themselves of other crimes that are not part of the investigation. The Miranda rights offer suspects protection from harassment by the law enforcing agencies and agents. The Miranda rights thus prove that a suspect is innocent until proven guilty (Ofra, 2000). A constitutional right awarded to any individual suspected as a strategy to abide by the constitution, and as such, suspects possess rights to securing lawyers prior to answering any questions asked by police officers as their democratic freedom of speech and expression. Criminals in the contemporary society are wiser than they were decades ago. Criminals are able to wipe out evidence of their guilt from the crime scene, and the DNA not matching. This shows that the criminals were either not guilty, or were very wise and tactful in the execution of the crime. Secondly, the suspects displayed signs of guilt all through the entire investigation. The DNA results of the hair and bodily fluids did not equate the victim from having pursued sexual or physical intimacy with another individual prior to the occurrence of the crime. Such occurrences cannot be brushed away mildly on the contention that none of the DNA samples matched up with the four suspects DNA (Ofra, 2000). The questioning of Dick had also raised new information pertaining to the cause, such as the admittance of guilt and the implication of Erick, and the rest of the suspects, who already displayed signs of guilt of the murder of Michelle Boseko. The contention that the suspects committed the crime is because of the confessions by Dick Erick, Williams and the other party made, as a way to take away guilt from their consciousness. According to William’s lawyer, no one can admit to a crime that was not committed, and with all suspects confessing to murder, none of the parties involved in the case, from the prosecution to the jury, believed that the individuals were innocent. Additionally, with their confessions being critical, the suspects might have committed the crime previously, though it did not lead to the murder of the victim or had the will or desire to commit a crime against the victim. Several other parties might have contributed to the dismissal of the logical evidence presented by the forensics department, which include the jury, the suspects and the lawyers as well. With their clients confessing to crimes that they were purposely instructed not to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Confessions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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