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Into the Woods Stephen Sondheim - Essay Example

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It was originally debuted at the Old Globe Theatre, San Francisco in 1986 and later premiered on 5th/11/1987 at the Broadway. Since then, it has been repeatedly produced several times. These…
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Into the Woods Stephen Sondheim
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Download file to see previous pages A proper understanding of the history of theatre and film will equip me with all the necessary information that can put me in a better position of making the right and informed decision on exactly what to do during the production of the film (Dixon 27).
If I were to turn Into the Woods from a theatrical play into a film, I would ensure that I do a marvelous job. As a dedicated professional, I would use all my energy and time to produce my best. I believe that this is a very interesting play that if properly acted, can be one of the best films in my lifetime. So, I will become the producer to be in charge of the entire production process for the film. After carefully reading the play and having a proper understanding of it, I will take my time to consult some of the most reputable, experienced and highly trained professionals. They will offer me the right and appropriate set of counsel on which I will rely as I produce the film adaptation.
Meanwhile, I will have to identify the right caliber of people to choose the crew to be involved in the production of the film. This will include the entire production crew consisting of a director, actors and the professionals who will be behind the screen. I will have to make the right choice of the crew that will enable me to accomplish my goal of producing the most interesting film adaptation for the theatrical play (Guernsey 114). For this reason, I will settle on Ronald Miranda as the director. Having known much about film production for a long time, I believe that Mr. Miranda will be the right choice for this job. He is an experienced director who has won numerous awards since he ventured into the film industry. He has a deeper understanding of films and might not disappoint if granted such a noble opportunity. He has excellent cinematographic skills and can be instrumental in the entire work of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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