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The proposal showcases a 30-story hotel situated 300 feet offshore (Schmidt 2013). Imagine the experience of being in the middle of the sea,…
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LA---The City that Might Have Been
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A that Might Have Been Project Full The DMJM Pacific Ocean Park Redevelopment project is an interesting architecturaldesign that might have made Los Angeles more famous. The proposal showcases a 30-story hotel situated 300 feet offshore (Schmidt 2013). Imagine the experience of being in the middle of the sea, able to watch the beautiful sunrise in the morning and how the sun will kiss the end of the sea with such glee that it radiates different wonderful colors. Imagine being lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves. On the contrary, imagine being awakened by the strange sounds of the sea in the middle of the night and have a horrifying experience when there are storms. If the project was turned into reality, have it not been for failures in real estate negotiations, the builders would have faced the challenge of really making the building secure and able to stand the atrocious circumstances on the sea brought about by changing seasons. Maintenance would have been a real challenge because keeping such a building that should withstand strong rains, is quite expensive.
In addition to the building, there was also a proposal of having a glass-enclosed bridge that connects the building to the shore. This is a really genius plan and the same challenge presented by the building is applicable to the bridge. With such a spectacular proposed building, finances for the maintenance might not be a problem after all because undoubtedly, this project would have attracted people not only around the area but from all over the world. The experience this project offers to highly adventurous customers might have brought good economic opportunities to local and foreign investors not only because of the architectural design but also because of the adventure that people often seek and gladly pay for.
The real challenge that developers would have really faced if the project pushed through would be the assurance that the building is a safe place for people to go to. Although engineering and architectural projects showed that it is possible to build strong buildings in the sea as evidenced by several bridge structures which stood strong and destructive waters for decades, the thought of building a place which will constantly house numerous people is quite different to imagine.
Schmidt, Alex. “In Los Angeles, Showcasing a City that Might Have Been”. NPR. September 14, 2013. Retrieved from Read More
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