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New Media communication class Final Project - Essay Example

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The ethnography will include a detailed description of a specific community, student room online community. Online ethnography will define the customs of this community. The project…
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New Media communication class Final Project
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Download file to see previous pages As such, I will analyze my notes and classify them into various categories that define their significance. Consequently, I will conduct relevant research on other examples of online ethnography and theories of computer-mediated communication prior to interpreting my notes. The research will help me to develop an opinion on the importance of online ethnography and theories of computer-mediated communication (Walther 443) and define communication in online communities (Garcia et al. 54-55).
Ideally, we can refer to the online community as a virtual community that infiltrates our real life (Rheingold 1). Student room is an online community established in 2001 that promotes community and social learning among students and institutions. The online community connects students across the globe, allows young people to present their views, and helps them to prosper and make effective career and education choices. With over 500,000 posts per month and over 1.5 million members, the student room is the most dominant and diverse student community in the globe (Autism Education Trust 1). Indeed, the members of the student room online community originate from different cultures and address academic, health, and social issues (Autism Education Trust 1). Subject to the adopted simple platform, student room encourages new members to join and fosters interactions between members of different cultures. With the growth in mobile telephony, online ethnography and theories of computer-mediated communication will continue to define communication in online communities.
Notably, online ethnography will define the customs of the student room online community. Ideally, ethnography refers to a detailed analysis of the social and cultural aspects of a specific group (Koning and Ooi 19). As such, online ethnography involves the adoption of relevant online research methods that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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