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Lola Rennt ( Run Lola Run ) ( Tom Tykwer,1998) - Essay Example

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The film was released in the year 1998 in German and later it was viewed in different subtitles including English in the year 1999. The film obtained a major recognition due to the unmatched…
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Lola Rennt ( Run Lola Run ) ( Tom Tykwer,1998)
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Extract of sample "Lola Rennt ( Run Lola Run ) ( Tom Tykwer,1998)"

Download file to see previous pages The three different endings of the film significantly experience intrigued, delight, annoying or sometime it also frustrates viewers trying to make any sense behind these three sequels (Ebert, 1999; Wilson, n.d.).
Emphasising on different views and summary plots of the film, the essay critically explores one of the major extracts of the film RLR and provides effective learning outcome from the three alternate endings of the film. In this regard, the discussion of the essay delivers understanding and viewpoint about the script and how it can be evaluated in our day-to-day life.
RLR represents jeopardising situations through its three distinctively developed alternate endings. According to the story of the film, it has been critically identified that the script of RLR is a blend of few major attributes that reflects a sense of intrigue, delightful, annoyance and frustration characteristics. Lola gets a panicky phone call from Manni, her boyfriend who appeared in the film as a trainee drug-runner. Due to the vulnerable consequences of his current position, Manni becomes more panic stricken and immediately blames Lola for not showing him up at the right time. Lola clarifies that “her moped had been stolen.” Desperately, Manni reveals that he had to walk to the subway with a full bag of one hundred thousand Deutschmarks as she had failed to show him up at the early stage of engagement with drug-running. He becomes scared due to the presence of two guards and leaves the subway train without the bag. However, within twenty minutes of the incident, he immediately meets with the criminals and is claimed about that one hundred thousand Deutschmarks or else he will be killed. At that time Lola gives her assurance to do something for her boyfriend and determines to save Manni from the “die spiral” (Ebert, 1999; Wilson, n.d.).
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