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Interpersonal conflicts usually take place when two individuals or groups who have to work together happen to have different opinions, goals, and interests. One of the most common types of interpersonal conflict…
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Personal Case Study Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Role conflict can come in various forms. Role conflict usually comes in the form of status, role, and expectation. There are a number of academic researchers that have been carried out with regard to role conflict. This paper aims at discussing how academic research relates to role conflict.
There is always a variance in opinions when it comes to how role conflicts should be handled. However, what is certain is that the manner in which you manage role conflict determines how it will affect your organization. Regardless of the roles played or the individuals involved in a conflict both sides are always negatively affected by the conflict. Berko, Aitken & Wolvin asserts that when interdependent individuals or groups happen to have views, opinions, values, and goals that are conflicting it will be hard for them to work for a common course (Berko, Aitken & Wolvin, 2010). People who ignore role conflicts have a higher possibility of failing as compared to those who acknowledge their existence and work towards solving them.
To make sure that role conflicts are put under control roles of the various individuals and groups that are interdependent should be defined. This will help everyone understand the boundaries of their roles and the importance of their role to the common purpose. When choosing or allocating roles you should make sure that people or groups are given the roles that they are best in. This will be in the bid of making sure that everyone is comfortable with the roles that they are supposed to play (Settles, Sellers & Damas Jr, 2002). This will mean that by the end of the day everyone would have played their roles and since the common course is dependent on the individual roles the common course will be achieved.
However, Beaucham and bray asserts that letting people and groups play the roles that they are best in will reduce the possibility of there being complaints from the other individuals or groups involved in the course (Beauchamp & ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Personal Case Study Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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