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Proposal and introduction and literature review - Research Paper Example

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Some people believe that the media is influential in framing issues and setting agendas in the political world. Other people believe that the media is educative, and it just informs the public and does not…
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Research proposal and introduction and literature review
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Download file to see previous pages The research will seek to know if politics has any influence on the political decisions of people. It will seek to identify if the media directs the public on what to think and what to do. The research will also investigate on whether the public opinions on political aspects are based on the information supplied to them by the media. Voting is one of the biggest political arenas that involve the public and in respect to that, the research will seek to know if the media decides where the public cast their vote during an election. In the past people have considered the media to be the source of political enmity and even have accused the media to be the cause of various political ethnic clashes. The research will seek to know if the media participates in creating political enmity between people of different ethnicities and races.
To be able to dig out the above information and make viable conclusions, the research will use three different research methods. It will interview the selected participants using present research questions and record their feedback in order to know their opinions. The research will use questionnaires that will contain research questions. In order to gain valid information, it will include multiple answer questions and open-ended question so as not to limit the interviewee. The final research method will be observation. The researcher will observe the public reaction on prevailing political topics and the gauge the influence of the media on decisions and stands made by the public. The research will also use the available literature in books and journals to study the influence of the media on political behavior of the public
According to Popkin, the media have a great influence on how voters make their choices during elections. He argues that the larger percentage of the society makes decisions on whom to vote for based on the media TV stations or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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