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Media representations of issues relating to Israel-Palestine and Libya in the age of globalization and how they reflect/impact upon media policies - Essay Example

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In recent years, there has developed a lot of concern about media representations of hotspots in the Middle East and North Africa, mainly Libya and Israel-Palestine. The representation of these conflicts has led to many individuals on both sides claiming that it is biased and…
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Media representations of issues relating to Israel-Palestine and Libya in the age of globalization and how they reflect/impact upon media policies
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Extract of sample "Media representations of issues relating to Israel-Palestine and Libya in the age of globalization and how they reflect/impact upon media policies"

Download file to see previous pages It has been suggested that in the age of globalization, media policies which have developed are ones which favour bias and are not objective in their attempt to bring news concerning these two areas into global attention.
Media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is considered to be among the most controversial in the world and this is because of claims of bias from both sides. This goes against theories declared by anthropologist Arjun Appadurai that individuals in the world should start thinking beyond nation-states because with the advent of globalization, these states are gradually deteriorating and it is essential for humanity to stop considering them to be viable entities (Appadurai, 1993). In most instances, many media organizations have come to take sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and this has ensured that there is no credible information coming from this region. These policies have come to involve intentional omission as well as formulation of falsehoods concerning this conflict and instead of allowing for a resolution of the conflict, these policies have contributed to its intensification. Today, one will find that this conflict is also being played out in media across the world, with both sides attempting to convince its audience of the justness of their cause. As a result of subjective media policies, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has come to influence the audiences of media to such an extent that they have come to take sides in this conflict. The opinions of the public concerning this conflict has also come to influence politicians, who being afraid to take sides against their constituents, have also taken up a biased position in one respect or another (Radley, 1978). This partisanship in media has led to hardening stances within the opposing parties and has made it impossible to come up with a credible solution for the conflict without recourse to violence.
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