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Branding forms one of the most important strategies to ensure that Cadbury chocolate stands out to be better than other competitive brands. The production history of Cadbury chocolate is…
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Advertising Paper
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Advertising Paper Cadbury chocolate can be differentiated through advertising based on perceptual differences. Branding forms one of the most important strategies to ensure that Cadbury chocolate stands out to be better than other competitive brands. The production history of Cadbury chocolate is traced to the addition of higher proportions of additives to make it delightful and have a unique taste. Cadbury comes in various forms including crunches, flakes, milk bars and Fruit nuts giving the consumer a feeling that all the additives are natural. Consequently, effective commercial media advertising can bring out the unique taste and natural additives such as fruit nuts differentiating the product from other chocolate brands.
Starbucks coffee is a branded product that can be differentiated through advertisements based on hidden differences. Starbucks coffee may look and taste the same as any other brand, but the unique preparation recipe of artificial sweeteners different. The combination of social media, internet, and out-of-home advertising can be used to inform the consumer on the unique recipe to achieve the hidden difference of Starbucks coffee.
Wall Street Network Solution provides telecommunication services that can be differentiated through advertisements based on induced differences. Each telecommunication offers similar services, but Wall Street Network Solution has sponsored and helped financial institutions grow making it unique from similar service providers offering networking services. Advertising campaigns and special event sponsorships can be used to portray the induced differences in that the service is not only focused on only providing networking services to the financial community, but also provide support. Additionally, support provided by the service feature in most newspapers forming a part of advertising that indicate favorable publicity; hence, most consumers would choose the service given its uniqueness bringing about induced differences. Read More
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