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The great Norwegian playwright and poet Henrik Ibsen said that a community is like a ship and that all members must be willing to take charge (Ibsen, 2013). Successful building of an online community requires that its members are willing to contribute and move on the…
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A Look into A Forum of Ice and Fire
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Download file to see previous pages Getting online forum members to contribute regularly occurs through motivating them to do so, as well as offering them rewards (Howard, 2010). Fans of both A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones have several motivational factors that encourage them to contribute on the online Forum of Ice and Fire. Such motivations include seeking to build a reputation and gain status in the community, create connections with other members who have similar interests, to make sense and gain understanding of the series, to exchange information, and to entertain and receive entertainment. The main motivation for members of the forum to contribute, therefore, is their interest in the series and books and wanting to connect with fellow fans in order to feel validated and valued.
Fans of a Forum of Ice and Fire continue to contribute to the forum because it allows them to build a reputation or gain status within the community. One of the biggest motivators in life is to gain social recognition, which brings instant approval and gratification (Kraut, Resnick, & Kiesler, 2011). Unlike the real world where people with expertise are more likely to be identified where information on a specific topic is required, the forum enables participants to display expertise in a mythical subject matter. By contributing to the forum, it is possible for a fan to establish himself/herself as an expert or authority on the subject of Westeroos politics, for example. For prospective authors or political commentators, on the other hand, such a forum will become a place for them to hone and highlight their skills. Since the tasks involved in the forum are tailored for the participants, they are motivated to continue contributing as their views add value to the forum in their name. These fans can create a positive reputation that they feel can be transferred to the real world if other fans appreciate them. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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